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Finally, Fairies! (2022)

“Each time it is the event itself, a first time is a last time. Altogether other. Staging for the end of history. Let us call it a Hauntology.”

--Jacques Derrida


Finally, Fairies! is a choreography: an unruly maze of embodied archaeologies, hauntologies and compositions. The raw material for the work was almost entirely sampled from a filmed improvisation, Solo 2009, which I created over a dozen years ago. A revenant, Solo 2009 exposed moods, affects and memories that drifted through the air while the cast and I explored aesthetic gestures of Vaporwave and semiotic ambivalence. Each performance of Finally, Fairies! invites new moments of compositional alignment and misalignment, suggesting embodied memory as hazy and inconclusive. Said another way, this work presents a decidedly unsettled hypnogogic landscape of movement, connections, poetic sensibilities and unstable meanings that fade as quickly as they appear.


Choreographer: Tristan Koepke


Scenic Designer: Andrés Poch

Lighting Designer: Heather Reynolds

Costume Designers: Channing Tucker

Sound Designer: Emily Pan

Projection Designer: Deja Collins

Performers: Emilia Bruno, Hana Huie,

Tristan Koepke, Christina Robson, Rebecca Steinberg,

Carlo Antonio Villanueva, Caroline Rocher Barnes (film only)

Composer: Skyler Nowinski

Voice Coach: Jen Ring

Run Time: 35 Minutes.

Tech Rider available upon request.

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