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There's Only One Bed (2023)

This performance contains three pieces. Collaged together, they roughly total 60 minutes with no intermission. These works are the continuation of my current research cycle: Choreographing Queer Hauntologies. Truly Madly Deeply deepens my fascination with vaporwave, gentle camp, and soft butch energy. There’s Only One Bed is in part an exploration of John Cage’s beautifully tragic and devotional love letters to Merce Cunningham, and collides Cunningham’s chance procedures with contemporary gay phenomena, thirst trap fabulation, athletic training techniques, tenderness, and smut. Lastly, Hana, a new iteration of a four-year old solo which began this cycle, is a fitting and contemplative coda.

The creation and development of these works has been supported by New England Foundation for the Arts, McGinty Fund for the Humanities (Bates College), Roger C. Schmutz Fund for Faculty Research (Bates College), Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant and the University of Maryland, College Park.

Directed by Tristan Koepke

Lighting Design: Justin Moriarty

Truly Madly Deeply (2023)

Choreography: Tristan Koepke

Performers: Emilia Bruno, Tristan Koepke, Rebecca Steinberg

Sound Design: Ryan MacDonald

Understudies/Research Assistants: Lola Buczkowski, Lydia Frew, Adelle Welch


There’s Only One Bed (2023)

Choreography: Tristan Koepke and Benny Olk

Performers: Tristan Koepke, Benny Olk, Curtis Thomas

Music: Xiu Xiu

Additional Text: John Cage, Casey McQuiston, Andi Jaxon, and others


Hana (2019/2023)

Choreography: Tristan Koepke

Performer: Curtis Thomas

Music: Shamir

Run Time: 1 Hour

Tech Rider Available upon request.

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