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There's More Than One Bed (2024)

There’s More Than One Bed (2024) is the second collaboration between Tristan Koepke and Benny Olk. It is, in a sense, a direct sequel to There’s Only One Bed (2023), which explored themes of queer longing, desire, devotion, masculinity, and melancholy. Inspired by the creative and amorous relationship between Merce Cunningham and John Cage, Instagram thirst traps, speculative masculinities, and romance novel tropes, our new work continues to interrogate what devotion and commitment to love, longing, and process can look like when you make room for more than two. Some material in this work references and cites rehearsal sketches from Cunningham’s Pictures, scores from Cage’s Song Books, and words from Cage's Love, Icebox.

Devised and Directed by Tristan Koepke and Benny Olk

Lighting Design: Mark Ruark

Performers: James Barrett, Emilia Bruno, Tristan Koepke, Marc Macaranas, and Benny Olk

Sound Design: Ethan Philbrick


This work is supported by the McGinty Fund for the Humanities and the Roger C. Schmutz Fund for Faculty Research (Bates College). We are very grateful for support from Bill Schierl & Sarena Melotte, Ben Olk & Kris Berggren, Karl Rogers, Mardell & Duane Brenegan, Lisa & Dave Johnson, Nancy & Paul Lewis, Brigitte Koepke Smith, Beverly West, George & Jane Dierberger, Kim O’Flaherty, Patty Schmitz & Alex Dietz, Sara Juli, Heidi Henderson, Nerissa Nelson, Amy Beversdorf, and TJ & Angie Conley, without whom the creation of this work would not have been possible.

Run Time: 30 Minutes

Tech Rider Available upon request.

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