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Simulated Dances For Virtual Spaces

Can you tell which part of this is alive?

Spending two weeks isolated in one room during the COVID-19 Pandemic, what is a dance to do? Learn how to use photoshop to construct still from group dances that have never happened. Or, the dance that happens in my imagination. If I can't be in a room with dancers and collaborators, does that limitation extend my imagination to compress time and expand space? Many many Tristans.

This imaginative space, surreal, absurd, and awkwardly self-absorbed (is there another option besides magazine clippings?), generates possibilities for future dances. A more flushed out idea box. A drive to utilize chroma-key editing software to make these dreams come alive. Just you wait. More dances to come, perhaps a triptych. you and you alone (2021), Cream Top (2022), and daiiryliife (2023).

Deliberate. Pre-fabricated. Real. I've played it all out in my head.


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